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Video Production Services for Dallas TX

Uncommon Video provides video production services including:

HD filming and editing: I use both traditional HD cameras and DSLR cameras, and software, to produce high-caliber videos for our clients.

Green Screen video production: Green screen generates amazing creative possibilities for producing videos. It allow for the use of nearly limitless backgrounds behind a video’s main subject. One familiar example are the images and animations behind a weatherman on TV.

Multi-camera filming: What difference does an additional camera (or two) make?  Plenty. Multi-camera filming is especially important to capture multiple interest points simultaneously in real time, such as sports or music.  It’s just more interesting.  Uncommon Video produced this using three cameras (including DSLR):

Website video production: Videos on websites are no longer a luxury — they’re a necessity (and not just for THIS website!)  Technology has evolved to make streaming video dynamic and affordable.  We’ll help you get your videos onto your website for the best possible viewing experience.

DVD / Blu-ray Disc creation: I can deliver your project on DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc.  (And if you want the true HD experience, Blu-ray is the way to go.)